Fans of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim are anxiously anticipating the rumored upcoming downloadable content. News leaked earlier this week that there are three new expansions in the works. And with Bethesda's parent company ZeniMax filing a patent for Dawnguard, there is a possibility this could be true.

But for players that have powered through the free-roam RPG's primary missions and side objectives, the expansion may not come soon enough. Here are a few fun little tricks to keep gamers busy in the meantime.

1. Beat a dungeon just by reviving bodies. For those craving a different type of challenge, try getting through an entire dungeon by constantly reviving the dead. It's the most efficient, ecologically sound way to depopulate a den of scum and villainy yet invented, writes Xbox Magazine.

2. Climb every mountain. Skyrim is one of the best-looking games to triumph the video game world in quite some time. So why not take the effort to enjoy the view? Transcending above Tamriel, players will face numerous obstacles and opponents on this snowy trek. From ice trolls to frost wolves, the journey up Tamriel's cliff is sure to be a worthwhile endeavor.

3. Become a werewolf. While questing with the Champions guild, players will obtain the gift of lycanthropy. This allows characters to shape shift into a werewolf, increasing melee damage. This, of course, will allow players to run just as fast as animals and creatures in the wild, preventing them from attacking you.

4. Use Dragonshouts to go sky-diving. The Dragonshout feature protects gamers from blades and arrows, but there's also another advantage to this ability. Players can drop up to 400 feet without dying or receiving damage.

5. Get hitched. Players that come across the Amulet of Mara in their travels will gain the ability to fall in love. Wearing this relic unlocks new dialogue choices, including engagement proposals. Developers also announced that both same-sex and opposite-sex marriages will be available as options.