The Pfeffermans are back! Amazon dramedy “Transparent” will be back this fall, and the streaming service has already released the official promo and premiere date for Season 3. The upcoming season will see the return of the original cast.

Watch the preview below:

Below are four things we learned about “Transparent” season 3 from the trailer:

1. Maura Wants Her Family To Call Her Mom

The promo starts with Maura celebrating her birthday with her family. After blowing the candles, a Pfefferman family member asks her what she wishes for her birthday. Much to everyone’s surprise, she tells them that she wants to be called mom.

2. Jeffrey Tambor’s Character Wants to Feel Pretty

Maura undergoes gender confirmation surgery in order to feel and look pretty. The preview shows a glimpse of her conversation with a cosmetic surgeon highlighting the facial features he will alter.

3. She Apologizes For Being A Bad Parent

Maura apologizes to Josh for being “a s----- parent.”

12345607_1031647596855884_3983247590158034821_n Amazon's "Transparent" returns with a third season this fall. Photo: Transparent Facebook page/Amazon Studios

4. Season 3 Premieres On Friday, Sept. 23

The Golden Globe and Emmy award-winning show premieres its third season on Sept.23. Be sure to make your date with this unique family.

Furthermore, “Transparent” has already been renewed for a fourth season before its Season 3 premiere, TVLine reports. The show’s creator, Jill Soloway, issued a statement expressing his excitement, “Amazon’s explosive freedom and revolutionary thinking has given birth to this show,” he said. “It’s so much more than TV to us, it’s our version of the most ambitious streaming art we can conjure. We’re having the time of our lives sharing Season 2 for the awards season hoopla, and editing and finishing up Season 3 for a fall release. This news of an order for Season 4 is so, so sweet. The Pfeffermans have many more stories to tell and we can’t wait to keep making them.”  

Season 4 will stream in 2017.

Are you excited to see the new season this fall? Do share your thoughts in the comments section below.