Survival instructor Cody Lundin was a favorite on the Discovery Channel hit “Dual Survival,” so when he departed from the series in the middle of Season 4, fans were outraged. It’s been more than a year since Lundin was fired from the show, but the survivalist continues to do what he does best: teach campers how to survive in the wild — with or without shoes.

Lundin, who has written four books, runs an outdoor survival school in Prescott, Arizona, called “Aboriginal Living Skills.” He doesn’t have a Twitter account, but Lundin is pretty active on Facebook.

His most recent post, which was shared Wednesday, was to promote his “Winter Wonderland” survival course. “Our base camp is a backcountry yurt at 8,000 feet complete with a wood stove. Learn to deal with the biggest killer in the outdoors -- hypothermia -- in a beautiful alpine setting. Hope to see you in the field!” he wrote.

So even though he isn’t showing off his survival skills in rugged terrain with former co-star Joe Teti on the small screen, Lundin hasn’t given up teaching.

Lundin, 48, shocked fans when he said he was fired from the series in February 2014 for “differences over safety and health concerns.” He added: “Although I’ll miss elements of the show, what I’ll miss the most are my fans and the opportunity to teach -- on a global level -- lifesaving skills, indigenous culture, and values of integrity and respect toward our natural world.”  

Rumors swirled that Lundin couldn’t “hack” some survival situations because of his penchant to go barefoot, but the outdoorsman quickly laid those accusations to rest. “Not only are these implications completely false; they question my professional experience, expertise and integrity in a manner that I will not tolerate,” he wrote on a Facebook update in April 2014.

Lundin was swiftly replaced by "Dude, You're Screwed" star Matt Graham.

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