There are more people living within 10 miles of a Pizza Hut than any other pizza joint in the country, according to statistician Nathan Yau, who took pizza joint data parsed by AggData and made it visual.

Domino's, which came in as the second-most ubiquitous pizza joint, is more commonly found on the East Coast. This map shows the nearest pizza place within a 10-mile radius across the United States:

While the map above makes it look kind of like America is all about Pizza Hut and Domino's, that’s not actually true. Little Ceasars and Papa John’s stores are also very numerous, but they don’t show up in the map quite as much because they’re so outnumbered by Pizza Hut.

Here’s a map that shows the spread of nine popular pizza chains across the United States:

pizza-locations1 Where's the pizza? Photo: Flowing Data/Nathan Yau

However, this approach doesn’t show how different chains measure up against each other. Here’s another chart by Yau that illustrates exactly that. As per Yau’s instructions: Take a restaurant from the left, one from the top, and then find the map at the intersect and you've got your matchup.

pizza-pairwise-maps-b1 Which pizza place is closer? Photo: Flowing Data/Nathan Yau