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Data Visualization editor. CUNY J-school alum. Business journalist at large. Loves cats, capitalism, string cheese, charts, jazz and data. I have opinions. I can journalism.


How We Consume News

Readers of news sites who type in the URL or click on a bookmarked link tend to spend more time on that site, and click on more stories.

Why Are So Many People In US Prisons?

The United States has less than 5% of the world’s population, but one-fourth of the world’s prisoners. Here’s what people got locked up for.
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How Irish Is Your State?

There are four times as many Irish-Americans as people in Ireland. And the stateside Irish really love St. Patrick’s Day.
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The Banks That Made Bank

Mergers and acquisitions hit a five year high in 2013 -- and the investment banks that helped facilitate the deals made a lot of money in fees.
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Is This The Worst Winter Ever?

Only six winters in the last 150 years have been as severe as or worse than the winter of 2013-14 in New York City so far. Here’s proof.

15 Years Of Tech Acquisitions

Every single company bought by Amazon, Google, Apple, Yahoo and Facebook in the last 15 years, in one interactive visualization.


Domestic gas lines continue due to a shortage, amid the country's economic crisis, in Colombo

Sri Lanka Makes Progress Towards IMF Credit - IMF

The International Monetary Fund reported constructive talks with Sri Lankan authorities on Thursday, raising hopes it could soon grant preliminary approval for a credit facility to alleviate a...