The White Castle menu may be changing. The 90-year-old hamburger chain is considering selling alcoholic beverages at its locations.

White Castle is currently testing beer and wine sales at a company location in Lafayette, Ind., according to a report. The White Castle testing alcohol sales is combined with a Blaze Modern BBQ, according to The Associated Press. The Blaze Modern BBQ is new concept also in a sort of beta phase.

In Lafayette, White Castle customers can purchase a glass of wine for $4.50 and a domestic beer for $3, the report said. The Columbus, Ohio-based chain is also testing an Asian food concept and a restaurant that serves grilled sandwiches, AP reported.

White Castle spokesman Jamie Richardson told The Columbus Dispatch that feedback from consumers on the alcohol sales has been better than the company expected. He said White Castle hasn't decided whether to expand alcohol sales.

A family-owned company -- being family-run, when others franchise, it doesn't hurt, says a company description -- White Castle was founded in 1921 in Wichita, Kansas. The company, known for its small hamburgers, was named White Castle according to the company with White signifying purity, and 'Castle' signifying strength, stability and permanence.

The company's burgers were priced at 5 cents each in 1921.

White Castle says it was the first to sell a million hamburgers and the first to sell a billion hamburgers.