It has been two year’s since the death of music icon Whitney Houston, a moment that shocked people around the globe.

Since her death, there has been talk and rumors of possible film projects being developed to tell her story. But on Thursday, Lifetime officially announced that it is working on an upcoming movie on the life of the music legend. Not many details were released about the project, but we’ve gathered all the important facts we know so far about the film.

1. It Will Focus On Whitney’s Relationship With Bobby Brown

According to Variety, the film will tell the story of Houston’s relationship with Bobby Brown. It will follow the pair from when they first began dating, through their rocky marriage and finally the complete breakdown of their relationship.

2. The Biopic Is Being Directed By Angela Bassett

Celebrated actress Angela Bassett will be directing the film. In a statement on the project, she said she is looking forward to telling the story of the eccentric pair. The film will be her directorial debut.

“I have such regard for both Whitney’s and Bobby’s amazing talents and accomplishments; and I feel a responsibility in the telling of their story,” Bassett said. “Their humanity and bond fascinates us all. I’m beyond excited to have this opportunity to go behind the camera and into their world."

3. The Film Will Be Released In 2015

The film is currently slated for a 2015 release on Lifetime, though no specific date has been set.

4. It Is Being Produced By The Sanitsky Company

The Sanitsky Company will be producing the movie, with Larry Sanitsky as executive producer and Shem Bitterman writing the script. The Sanitsky Company is responsible for producing films like the television movie “Betty and Coretta,” which starred Angela Bassett and Mary J. Blige. Bitterman was also the writer of that film.

5. It Will Be The First Film To Attempt To Tell Whitney’s Story

The Lifetime biopic will be the first official film to tell Houston’s story since her death on Feb 11, 2012.