Getting kicked off flights seems to have become the latest trend among celebrities, and Whitney Houston has become the latest contester, sweeping headlines as she was almost forced to leave a plane for allegedly refusing to put on her seatbelt.

After boarding a Delta flight in Atlanta on Wednesday, Houston was reported to have contested a flight attendant against buckling her seat belt, according to TMZ sources.

The incident led the flight attendant to call her supervisor who told Houston if she didn't put on her belt she would be escorted off the flight. Eventually the singer allowed the hostess to buckle it for her, according to eyewitnesses.

Close friends of the diva said she may have over-reacted to the plane staff but they confirmed that she was still 100% sober and on her way to shoot a new movie, TMZ reported. 

In May this year, the multiple Grammy Award-winning singer enrolled in an outpatient program for drug and alcohol treatment, an addiction she has been battling with for years.

Houston poured out her heart on the Oprah Whinfrey show in 2009 saying how she had mixed cannabis and crack cocaine.

You put your marijuana, you lace it, you roll it up and you smoke it... it's like heroin and cocaine speedballing, but you level it off, with marijuana, she said.

Many critics said the singer lost the quality of her voice after she started abusing drugs, and her performances became shaky.

I didn't think about the singing part anymore. I'd totally forgotten about that life. I had so much money by that time, she confessed on the Whinfrey show.


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