Singer Whitney Houston has died at the age of 48, according to the AP and other reports.

Houston reigned as the Queen of Pop in the 1980s and 1990s until both her voice and her image were ravaged by drug use, increasingly erratic behavior and a tumultuous and allegedly abusive marriage to singer Bobby Brown.

Whitney Houston's publicist, Kristen Foster, announced the singer had died Saturday night. But the cause and location of her death are still unknown. Rumors as to how the iconic singer lost her life, however, are already flooding Facebook, along with fan's recollections of the music icon's career and mark on music history.

Below, see Facebook reactions from loyal fans of the Queen of Pop.

Shock and Denial

Many fans refused to believe that the singer had died:

OMG I can't stop shaking....please let this be wrong!

I am fricking going crazy I truly hope the rumors about Whitney being dead is not true!!!

my hearts is broken I am sorry everybody I am in tears and I am at a loss for words right now!

they said she was dead last year too, it might just be a rumor, I hope so, poor Whitney

Remembering A Legend

Others mourned the last two decades of the singer's life, marred by substance abuse and an unhappy marriage:

This is unbelievable. She had some hard times, but I was really looking forward to when she would return to her former glory. RIP Whitney.

May she rest in the peace she never fully achieved living.

may her wonderful soul rest in peace. the word loves u. but you've gone to a better place but we all miss u n love u. R.I.P

We all are saddened, what a voice....omg what a voice!

Whitney, thank you for inspiring me. Thank you for your amazing music. Thank you for everything you did in your life. You will be so missed... rest in peace

Blaming Bobby Brown

But as news spread, more and more fans began to express anger towards, and to shift the blame for Houston's death on, the singer's ex-husband Bobby Brown.

I know I am probably not the first to say it, but how did Bobby Brown outlive Whitney? Very sad regardless.

It was either an OD or one hell of a beating from Bobby. RIP.

What a waste! So sad she should have stayed away from bobby if it wasn't for him giving her drugs she would still be here.

Praying of your mother, daughter, brother and family (no bobby). So sad.

A beautiful voice has been silences, f--k you bobby brown

One Facebook reaction, however, may say it all.

Freaking out. Whitney Houston wasn't just an icon or idol to me, she was my first musical inspiration. I remember being five or six and listening to some of her classics- which are still some of my favorite songs- and trying to copy every single thing she did when she sang. The world has lost a ridiculously talented, beautiful and funny (CRACK IS WHACK!) individual. So sad.