width=398Cissy Houston has been making a huge fuss about the photo that was leaked to TMZ showing daughter Whitney Houston being wheeled out of the hotel room where she died on a gurney, even going so far as to say that the Beverly Hills Police Department will look into the matter after the investigation into Whitney's death is over.

On Tuesday evening, Radar Online reported that the Houstons have been told by cops that after her case is officially closed, they can look into the matter, and that there is even a surveillance video recording of the person doing it. The Houstons, the hotel, and the police all took great pains to avoid a photo leaking out (the Beverly Hills Hilton even fired a few low-level employees for talking to the media), but to no avail.

RumorFix, however, has published a contradictory report, saying that they were told by the same police department that they are not looking into the matter, and that taking the photo, while unseemly, was not necessarily illegal.

Mark Rosen at the Beverly Hills Police Department told RumorFix that there was in fact no request by Whitney Houston's family for any such thing, and that even if they had asked, the department couldn't do anything about it.

This is of course not the only leaked death photo-related drama that Cissy and the Houstons are involved in. 

The more famous leaked picture, a casket shot published by the National Enquirer, has apparently been put on the backburner by the family, after days of loud noises, sparking speculation that someone from within the Houston camp may have been responsible – which would, after all, make the most sense, given that it was clearly taken during the private viewing.

Time will tell if the individual who leaked the image will ever be revealed, gossip site Scallywag & Vagabond mused, but it seems for now, that Cissy might have had a private talk with our antogonist and has been forced for the sake of saving face to call it a day.

Could that be why, after days of harping on the casket photo, Cissy Houston has moved onto the gurney shot? And if the casket leaker may have come from within the family, who's to say that the gurney one didn't, too?