REUTERS/David Kotinsky

Word on the street is that Whitney Houston's mother wants to travel to the Beverly Hills Hilton hotel where her daughter Whitney died two weeks ago to seek closure, but that she has to contend with celebrity death scene-seekers who also want to stay in the room, which has apparently become a hot seller for the hotel.

According to TMZ, Cissy wants to stay in Room 434 in an attempt to get some closure, and to reestablish a spiritual connection with her daughter.

The UK-based Daily Star put it in more ghoulish terms: Cissy believes Whitney's ghost has something to say to her, and that she believes returning to the scene of her daughter's death will give her some closure on what [Whitney's] spirit wants. 

The Houston family matriarch intends to pray in the bathroom where [Whitney] died to try to hear what she is saying, returning to the bathtub from which the Queen of Pop was pulled after taking a deadly cocktail of prescription drugs and alcohol.

But Cissy Houston isn't the only one who wants to visit the room: apparently hotel guests have been flocking to the scene of the singer's death, which is renting for $375 a night and is booked for this foreseeable future, according to TMZ, despite claims from the hotel that it has taken the room out of service and will not be rent it out for the foreseeable future.

According to the Daily Star, Cissy is furious she will have to organise her visit around ghoulish guests who have been forking out to stay in suite 434 of the Beverly Hilton hotel in Los Angeles, but has no choice but to go along with the hotel's rules.

Cissy Houston has also apparently given up on her search for the person who took the photo of Whitney Houston in her funeral casket and leaked it to the National Enquirer, leading some to speculate that she realizes the photo came from within her own camp.

In any case, with Whitney Houston's ex-husband Bobby Brown rumored to be considering a tell-all book about his relationship with Whitney and the Houstons, this surely isn't the last we'll hear from Whitney's large group of friends and family.