The Kardashian may have dominated headlines during their stay last week in Miami for the opening of a new DASH boutique, but South Beach welcome other buxom brunettes this week: Argentine models Karina Jelinek and Paz Cornú.

While relatively unknown in America, they’ve ignited a media firestorm thanks to TMZ, which made a public decree on Tuesday of the ladies’ arrival in Miami. However, not much information was given in the post, aside from: “Record temperatures in Miami this week -- after these two Argentine models scorched the beach ... wearing these ridiculous thong bikinis.” The site included a gallery of photos of the duo sunbathing and posing for selfies on the beach.

Cadena 3 reported the women were on holiday in south Florida for Jelinek’s 33rd birthday on March 22.

According to, Jelinek and Cornú on vacation in South Beach roused tons of curiosity on social media and are “revolutionizing Miami.” And the girls don’t seem offended they received so much attention during their Miami romp. On Twitter, Jelinek retweeted several posts from TMZ and other sites of their day with the paparazzi and has been documenting it all on her Instagram account.

"Thanks for all the cute little messages, we want for all peaks and @ PazCornu My!” she tweeted.

Jelinek also posted several other photos on her official Twitter account showing herself and Cornú partying around the southeast hotspot. One photo showed the girls wearing matching blonde wigs and cowboy hats and posing in sports cars.

So who are the ladies being rampantly Googled Wednesday morning?

Jelinek is a soon-to-be 33-year-old model and actress hailing from Villa María, Cordoba, Argentina. The 5-foot-7 brunette with a 23-inch waist is represented by modeling agency Life Chekka. She’s starred in Spanish-language movies like “Bailando por un sueño” and “La biblia y el calefón,” according to IMDB, and has been married since 2011 to a man named Leonardo Fariña.

Jelinek’s friend Cornú, whose name means “Peace,” is an Argentine fashion designer. Her eponymous label, for which she also models, is described on her site as being for “a woman who dares to live their feminine essence and enjoys it.” Cornú posted photos from her most recent show on Instagram a week before her Miami vacation.