Rita Ora is the latest woman to get stung by Beyoncé fans — or the Beyhive, as they’ve come to be known. The “Fifty Shades Darker” star sparked speculation on Sunday following the “Lemonade” HBO release, sharing a photo of herself on Snapchat that got people buzzing. And she’s not done yet.

According to a report from People magazine, Ora, 25, was seen out with friends in West Hollywood, California, on Monday wearing a look borrowed from Beyoncé’s “Formation” video. The “Black Widow” singer was photographed wearing the same Gucci look — which costs a combined $3,280 — the mother of one rocked while standing atop a sunken police cruiser in what was meant to resemble post-hurricane New Orleans. She completed the look with a necklace emblazoned with a “J,” which many were quick to assume may be another subtle hint that she is the mistress in question.

Ora first shook the Beyhive on Saturday, sharing a Snapchat photo of herself wearing the same “J” necklace with a lemon-covered bralet. Many followers assumed, due to the timing, that she was referencing Beyoncé’s visual album and subsequently copping to the affair. Screen grabs of the photo began circulating online, riling up the 10-time Grammy award-winner’s dedicated fandom.


Rita Ora: Becky With The Good Hair! . . By now you've heard all about Beyonce's album and all the name calling that followed. Well, if you're #beyhive , then know that Rachel Roy is not "Becky with the good hair!" And no that does not exclude the possibility of Jay messing with Rachel; it just means Rachel is not as important to Jay Z as she'd like to think. . . Rita Ora is more likely to be Becky! And her picture points us in her direction. In this snapchat clip which she has deleted, Rita dons a yellow bikini embellished with lemonades! Guess whose album is named lemonade? And if you think that pendant was not intentionally flipped to look like a "J" maybe you need lesson 101 on how sidechicks roll! I don't see a twist in that chain. Rita knew what Bey's album would be called. The clues are too loud and one too may to be coincidence! . . There is a possibility that Jay is indeed in love with Rita and the bish knows her power. Too bad... Cos there aint gonna be two queen Beys! Over to you Beyhive. #lemonade #beyonce #jayz #ritaora #rachelroy #rihanna #bey #queenbey

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She’s hardly the first to be attacked — intentionally and otherwise — by Beyoncé stans. On Sunday Rachel Roy posted a photo on Instagram with the caption “good hair don’t care.” That combined with pre-existing rumors about the fashion designer’s ties to Jay Z led to an all out war. Beyoncé fans flocked to her comment section to tear her down for allegedly creating a rift between Jay Z and Beyoncé. Roy later spoke out about the rumors, tweeting that she respected the sanctity of marriage and would never intervene in such a relationship, but that didn’t stop the verbal assault.

In addition to Ora and Roy, Food Network star Rachel Ray found herself the subject of a brief — and confusing — Beyhive attack according to E! Online. Due to the similarity of her and Roy’s names fans found themselves on the “30 Minute Meals” star’s Instagram, leaving hateful comments about her dog, her cooking and her alleged affair with Beyoncé’s husband. Ray did not address the mix-up, but did share a lemonade recipe.

Ora has yet to speak out on her involvement — or lack thereof — with Jay Z. And so the question remains — who is “Becky with the good hair?”