Following in the footsteps of such legendary performers as Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, Prince and the Rolling Stones, 28-year-old singer/songwriter Bruno Mars will take over MetLife Stadium during halftime of Sunday’s Super Bowl XLVIII.

Known for catchy chart-toppers including “Nothin’ on You,” “Just the Way You Are (Amazing)” and “Grenade,” Mars has been one of music's top performers in the past few years, but has never headlined such a momentous and global event as the Super Bowl.

Sunday’s game will be broadcast to 198 countries in 25 languages, and it’s believed the matchup between the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks could break the all-time television record of 111.3 million viewers set two years ago at the Super Bowl.

“I’ve never had to do a press conference before I perform, so it just got real, I guess!” the Honolulu native said at a press conference on Thursday.

With weather reports predicting temperatures as low as 29 degrees on Sunday, Mars also joked with reporters about rehearsals and how he plans to handle the freezing elements during his set.

"There were a lot of things that happened -- the microphone turns into a popsicle!" he said. I'm grabbing the mic and it's frozen! Just stuff like that that we're taking into consideration, and getting some heaters on everything.

Long a writer for other top acts like B.O.B. and Flo Rida, Mars released his debut solo album “Doo-Wops & Hooligans” in 2010, and quickly followed up with 2012’s “Unorthodox Jukebox.” Mars is best known for his booming, crooner voice, and he typically blends traditional pop with soul and rock.

Perhaps a sign of his vast musical influences, Mars told reporters he personally told the NFL he wanted the Red Hot Chili Peppers as his co-performers.

"The first band I thought of was the Red Hot Chili Peppers -- I've been a fan of theirs for such a long time, I admire their career," Mars said. "They're a soulful band -- and not just musically, but as people. I sat down with Flea, and he's so passionate about music. Even to this day, doing it for so long, he's still so passionate about creating music and performing. I want to surround myself with guys like that forever, and it's an honor to share the stage with them. They're one of my personal favorite bands of all time."

Mars has thus far kept his set list a secret, but there is no denying his enthusiasm and desire to stage an incredible show on Sunday.