Authorities have arrested a man who sucker punched a stranger in Manhattan during an argument on Tuesday.

Corey Pohan, 32, was arrested on Wednesday at the Lakewood, New Jersey, home of his mother, reports the New York Daily News. Pohan is accused of punching 49-year-old Paul Martone during an altercation on Tuesday. The punch was captured on video by a witness at the scene.

According to the New York Post, Martone became upset when Pohan stepped over his dog on the sidewalk. Martone then reportedly began yelling at Pohan as the 32-year-old attempted to walk away from the argument. 

“The suspect was trying to remove himself from the situation,” a source told the Post. However, Martone kept instigating a fight. Sources said that Martone even pushed Pahone and told him, “Why don’t you throw the first punch?”

Pohan then punched Martone in the head, causing the man to fall back and crack his skull on the pavement. As of Thursday, Martone was in stable condition at New York-Presbyterian Hospital Weill Cornell with a fractured skull.

Pohan initially voluntarily agreed to travel back to New York when NYPD detectives arrived at his mother’s home to arrest him, reports WABC. But as the vehicle he was in waited at a toll booth close to the Lincoln Tunnel, Pohan told detectives he no longer was surrendering. He then jumped from the car and was discovered hiding on the roof of the toll plaza. 

Pohan was arrested and charged with criminal trespassing. He is being detained in New Jersey until he is extradited back to New York.