A reward is expected to be announced by the Los Angeles Police Department for any information that can help authorities bring a 2-year-old California boy home safely.

KNBC reports a $50,000 should be announced on Tuesday for Edwin Vargas’ safe return. The toddler has been missing since May 23, when he was allegedly kidnapped by his 26-year-old father, Abraham Vargas. 

According to LAPD Capt. Gary Lopez, the boy’s mother, Beatrice Lopez, said her son was kidnapped from her as she attempted to load him into her vehicle outside of her apartment building. She told authorities Vargas had previously threatened to take their son from her and relocate to Varacruz, Mexico. The couple has been broken up for two years and Lopez had a restraining order against Vargas.

Authorities say when Lopez ran upstairs to her sister’s apartment to get another child, Vargas got into the van where his son was located and drove off with the vehicle, reports KTLA. Police later found the abandoned vehicle in but neither the boy nor his father could be located. 

Officials believe Vargas may have taken his son to Mexico.