When word leaks that a famous professional athlete is dating, or has recently dated, a high school student, inevitably it's going to garner a lot of attention nowadays.

In the case of Eliza Kruger, her email to a Deadspin.com reporter to set the record straight about a potentially damaging story got her about as much bad attention as she was probably trying to avoid. Fearful that her name would be dragged through the mud, Kruger discussed and provided evidence of a relationship with Jets' quarterback Mark Sanchez before false accusations could be published.

Now, photos and stories are popping up all over the place about this 17-year-old girl, who her mother is, who her father is, how much her parents are worth, what clubs she likes to go to, what she posts on Facebook, and what her text messages to Sanchez said.

As for Sanchez, there has been no reprimand from the league office. The Jets have basically been mum, as well. His actions were completely legal, and that's all there is to it.

Basically, not much attention has been paid to Sanchez, but a great deal of attention has been paid to who he's sleeping with.

The question now is what becomes of Eliza Kruger? Does the story go away completely, or will the media pounce on her every move she makes, hoping to seize on more details to perhaps make her out to be someone she's not?