It wasn't long after golfer Jason Day won his first major, cruising on Sunday to the win at the PGA Championship at Whistling Straits in Wisconsin, that he found and embraced his wife and young son. Tears replaced the nerves of just a few minutes before as the television cameras recorded Ellie Day, Jason and son Dash.

Ellie, however, had already won over golf fans throughout the weekend on social media. With her husband just 18 holes away from his first major win, she took nervously to Twitter, posting in real time her brief but witty reactions to Jason's performance on the course. Short bursts of tweets, some with pictures of her husband, others expressing her reaction to shots, erupted as she anxiously followed the tournament. On the way to victory, Jason ended the weekend a historic 20 under par, the first golfer ever to shoot that low in a major win.



















The 27-year-old Australian golfer and his wife were married in 2009. Jason is from Queensland, Australia, and Ellie, 29, is from the small Ohio town of Lucas. Her now-famous Twitter account proudly announces her roots, with the bio section stating, "Small-town Ohio girl. Happens to love a guy who is good at golf." Good might be an understatement. Jason is currently ranked No. 3 in the world.




The couple's son, Dash, was born in 2012. Ellie is now pregnant with their second child.

Jason famously withdrew from the British Open in 2012 to spend time with Dash after his birth the week of the tournament. Dash won over golf fans throughout the week during the 2015 PGA Championship, especially after the long-haired son and a pregnant Ellie embraced Jason after the win. Day, who had remained composed throughout his win, cried out of happiness upon seeing his family.







Ellie and Jason reportedly met years ago when she was a waitress, but didn't date until serendipitously meeting again years later. With Sunday's win, Day pocketed $1.8 million, which means that unlike many young married couples, the Days shouldn't have to worry about the cost of diapers.