Prince's relationship with his sister Tyka Nelson grabbed focus just a day after the latter filed legal paperwork asking a judge to consider appointing her “special administrator” of the music icon’s estate as he left no will. Since Prince's death on April 21, there have been questions over who will inherit the "Purple Rain" singer's presumed $300 million fortune.

According to reports, despite Nelson likely inheriting Prince's estate as his closest relative, the late singer might not have wanted that, because of their troubled relationship. In 2008, Nelson revealed to City Pages that several problems caused tensions between her and her brother. Nelson was reportedly broken after her parents separated and later began to use cannabis to help her cope with the stress. She later struggled with crack cocaine while she had to take care of her children.

As her financial troubles multiplied, Nelson was reportedly forced to turn to prostitution to support both her addictions and her children. However, she didn't receive any help from Prince and the brother-sister relationship became more strained over time, Inquisitr reported.

"I love my brother, but I’m not a yo-yo. He can’t just keep spinning me in and out of his life," Nelson had reportedly said at the time.

Meanwhile, TMZ reported that Prince did not have a will as he was very distrusting of everyone. His handling of his business and finances turned out to be a disaster. Sources close to the late singer told TMZ that Prince felt "screwed over" by people who had him sign deals in his younger years, and that made him "paranoid" to sign anything.

Prince hired and fired a string of professionals as he did not trust them, while his most trusted advisers were "beautiful, 20-something women, all models with no experience in anything," sources reportedly said.

Earlier there were reports that Jehovah’s Witnesses — one of the smallest religious faiths in the United States — could inherit the “Little Red Corvette” singer’s money. Prince’s devout following of the religion.

The cause of Prince's death remains unclear and an investigation is underway. The iconic singer was cremated Saturday in a private ceremony attended by family members and close friends. Nelson, her son President LenNard Laeil Nelson and an unidentified third person were seen retrieving Prince’s ashes Monday.