Seemingly out of nowhere, Australian artist Wouter Wally De Backer (whose stage name is Gotye) has become the musician to watch.

First, Gotye's top single, Somebody That I Used To Know, was covered on American television, and now he himself will be performing on Saturday Night Live this Saturday night, officially introducing himself to Americans. Don't be the last one to get the scoop on Gotye! Here are five key facts worth knowing, accompanied by five music videos by or inspired by Gotye himself.

1. Somebody That I Used To Know is a smash hit. The single has already sold nearly 3.5 million copies. The song is based on a guitar riff stolen from an instrumental recording by the late Brazilian bossa nova guitarist Luiz Bonfa. Gotye's hit single was written in 2010, and Gotye spent another six months tracking down female vocalist Kimbra to give the song the kick it needed. The track was released last summer, and held the No. 1 spot on the Australian charts for eight weeks.

Somebody That I Used To Know Official Music Video

2. Gotye's hit song rose to No. 2 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart after being covered on both The Voice and Glee recently.

Heart’s A Mess Music Video

3. Gotye has been huge in Australia since 2006, when his second album Like Drawing Blood came out.

Easy Way Out Music Video

4. Gotye has won five Australian Record Industry Association, or ARIA, Awards and received a nomination for an MTV European Music Award, or EMA, for Best Asia and Pacific Act.

Incredible Cover Of Somebody That I Used To Know By Walk Off The Earth

5. Gotye is bilingual. He speaks both Dutch and English fluently.

Somebody That I Used To Know Covered On Glee