It’s hasn’t been officially confirmed by either “Fancy” rapper Iggy Azalea or her ex-fiancé, Los Angeles Lakers player Nick Young, but it appears she dumped him last week because his ex-girlfriend, Keonna Green, is 4 months pregnant with his child. To find out more about Green, keep reading:

1. Young and Green already have a baby together. Before Young got together with Azalea, he had a son, Nick Jr., now 3, with Green.

2. Green keeps a low profile. Even though she has an Instagram account, it’s private.

3. Green’s an entrepreneur. She launched her own children’s clothing line, called Young’s Playhouse. Two of the newer items featured on the line’s Instagram page are LA Lakers shirts.

MediaTakeOut was among the first outlets to report that Green is supposedly pregnant. It indicated one reason he cheated on the Australian rapper is because he never stopping caring about Green. “Nick loves Keonna and always did. But [Iggy] was really famous, and Nick loves the attention,” a source told MTO June 21. “He ended up leaving [Keonna] for [Iggy] because he wanted to be more famous.”

Young, 30, was seemingly unable to fully commit to Azalea, 24. Now, he reportedly wants to build his relationship with Green. “[Nick] and Keonna are trying to make it work,” the anonymous source revealed. “As far as Iggy goes, f--- her, she don’t matter.” The source added, “Nick and Keonna are meant to be together, he knows that, and she knows that. S--- even Iggy knows that.”

Azalea hasn’t commented on the pregnancy rumor, but she did clear the air about who was moving out of whose house. Originally, it was reported that she had kicked Young out and had his car towed, but she tweeted:



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