Li Bingbing (Chinese name 李冰冰) got noticed in America Monday when a 2012 photo emerged of her wearing the same sea foam green Gucci dress that Katy Perry wore to the 2013 Grammy Awards. Here's a primer on the trend-setting Chinese actress.

Perry attracted massive attention during the 55th annual Grammy Awards Sunday night when she appeared on the red carpet wearing a sleek, light green gown with a train and a super-deep neckline that allowed her to show a lot of breast despite the ceremony's much-mocked dress code against displaying too much skin.

And the storyline evolved on Monday when a photograph of little-known Chinese actress Li Bingbing wearing the same frock with a slightly different bejeweled neckpiece to the 2012 Golden Horse Awards in Taiwan hit the Web, and people made their feelings known about who wore it better.

An image bearing photos of both actresses wearing the dress made it to the front page of Reddit, where commenters dissected it at great length.

Most of the love went to Perry thanks to her more ample cleavage, but many people thought that in the picture of her making the rounds, Li made the stunning dress look much more classy and sophisticated, and appreciated that she didn't use it as a way to bare as much as possible.

With all the attention being directed her way, the world is wondering: Just who is Li Bingbing?

Well for starters, she's a 39-year-old, award-winning singer and actress from China who has been popular there for the better part of the past 15 years. She's also serves as a UNEP Goodwill Ambassador, a WWF Earth Hour Global Ambassador and holds the title of Ambassador of Korean Culture in China.

Her first film role came in 1999 when she was awarded the Best Actress award at the 1999 Singapore Film Festival for her debut performance in the movie "Seventeen Years."

But it was her starring role on the Chinese TV show "Young Justice Bao" in 2001 that brought her major fame, eventually making her one of the most popular actresses in the world's largest country.

One of the most successful graduates of the Shanghai Drama Institute, Li went on to star in a range of major television series including "Eight Heroes" and films including "Waiting Alone." She was awarded 2004's Most Popular Actress title at the 12th Beijing College Film Festival, and even won Best Actress at the 2007 Hubaio Awards.

But Li splashed onto the international scene in 2008, when she won Best Actress at the Hundred Flowers Awards for her role in "The Knot," which was nominated for a Best Foreign Film Oscar at that year's Academy Awards, according to IMDb.

She has shared the silver screen with major Chinese crossover stars like Jet Li and Jackie Chan; she and Chan went on to co-produce the 2011 film "1911."

But for many less-informed people, Li Bingbing will forever be known simply as the woman who first wore the form-fitting sea foam Gucci dress Katy Perry wore to the 2013 Grammy Awards.