Ryan Coogler, who was recently chosen to spearhead Marvel's upcoming film "Black Panther,"  sat down with J. Cole to conduct his very first interview on Monday. Things were going well as the Bay Area native asked the rapper a series of questions about his career and personal life — at least, until he delved into questions about love, revealing a shocking secret about the "No Role Modelz" singer.

As was reported by E! Online, the incident occurred during a live stream interview for #MLKNow. Coogler, 29, asked J. Cole, 30, how his marriage affected him as an artist, shocking viewers and fans. The "Creed" director apologized, admitting it was the first time he'd ever been on the other side of an interview. J. Cole joked that asking about his marriage, which was not public knowledge until that very moment, was the "one thing to not do," but didn't make a big deal of it. So, who is the lucky lady?

According to E! J. Cole is married to Melissa Heholt. The pair met in college at St. John's University and have been together for close to a decade. Despite their lengthy relationship, J. Cole only just popped the question last year.

At present, little is known about Heholt. She doesn't appear to have Twitter or Instagram. There were several reports from various sites, including MediaTakeOut, which claimed she and J. Cole called off their marriage in August 2015 after Heholt bought a dress. It would appear, however, that there is not truth to those reports.

Coogler made a name for himself in the film industry in 2013 with his directorial debut "Fruitvale Station." The film, which starred Michael B. Jordan, told the story of Oscar Grant, a young black man from California who was gunned down by police while trying to make his way home via BART on New Years Eve. Coogler has since directed "Creed," which was nominated for several awards. Jordan, 28, once again played Coogler's leading man. 

J. Cole did not reveal any other details about his marriage or their secret wedding.