While eligible voters in the U.S. took to the polls on Tuesday, Monica Lewinsky was headlining Sweden’s anti-bullying rally, Hjärntillskott Executive Day 2016, according to reports. The former White House intern, whose 1995 affair with then-President Bill Clinton rocked the nation, has stayed under the radar during the current election despite Republican nominee Donald Trump’s comments on Clinton’s alleged extramarital affairs.

However, that hasn’t stopped some from wondering about Lewinsky's voting preference.

In October, TMZ cameras caught up with Lewinsky, 43, in Los Angeles and asked if she planned to vote for Hillary Clinton on Election Day, but she did not reply.

The scheduled speaking engagement in Sweden on Tuesday caused more than enough speculation on Twitter over Lewinsky’s vote since it is unclear whether or not she voted early or used an absentee ballot to vote for the next president.

Paparazzi caught Lewinsky at the airport just before she left for Stockholm and again she avoided questions about the sexual assault allegations against Trump and whether she thought her history with Bill Clinton’s was “fair game” for Clinton opponents.

“It’s 5:30 in the morning. You should be asleep. You should not be at the airport bothering people with your camera,” Lewinsky said.

Although Trump has never directly mentioned Lewinsky’s affair, the real estate mogul has cited allegations of Bill Clinton’s affairs before. He even threatened to find a seat for another alleged mistress, Gennifer Flowers, in the front row at the first presidential debate in September.

Hillary Clinton has avoided speaking about Lewinsky, but did reveal how she managed to get past the scandal during an interview on CNN's "Newsday."