A weekend of shoots in the streets of Pittsburgh has brought out heroes and villains on set.  The latest spotted villain could possibly be Talia Al Ghul, the daughter of villain Ra's Al Ghul from Batman Begins. 

Actress Marion Cotillard was seen at the same set where Batman and Bane duked it out in a wild riot scene shot over the weekend.  Original sources claimed that Cotillard would be playing a board member at Wayne Enterprises, but fans have speculated that Talia Al Ghul would make an appearance in the film and Cotillard would be the ideal actress for the part. 

Talia Al Ghul works closely with her father Ra's Al Ghul and proves to be a worthy heir among Ra's other children.  She trained in hand to hand combat with enough skills to be considered an assassin.  Similar to Catwoman, Talia possesses both villain and hero qualities by assisting Batman on several occasions, though her loyalty remains to her father. 

Batman and Talia encounter romance in the comics with Talia continuing to be torn between loyalty to Ra's or her deep love for Bruce Wayne.  Ra's believes Batman is a worthy heir to his empire along with a proven husband to his daughter. 

Bane and Talia also share some history and Nolan may be utilizing some comic book reference to the film's plot.  Ra's Al Ghul considered Bane to be an honorable heir and attempts to pair him and Talia together.  It may be possible that Bane and Talia teams up to battle Batman in The Dark Knight Rises. 

Check out photos of Talia Al Ghul hopping into the Bat Tumbler accompanied by soldiers.  Also take a peek at dazzling Marion Cotillard photos, the newest villain in The Dark Knight Rises.

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