Shannon Beador was forced to confront husband David Beador's mistress over the weekend and things got ugly. Shannon, 51, revealed during Season 10 of Bravo's "The Real Housewives of Orange County" that David had been unfaithful. After much counseling and commitment the couple had reached a good place by season's close, but that didn't stop Shannon from reportedly losing it after her recent run-in with his mistress.

According to Us Weekly, she and David were attending a University of Southern California football game Saturday when they spotted Nicole McMackin, the woman accused of having slept with David for several months during Season 9. Witnesses claim Shannon tried to ignore the woman at first, but says McMackin' continually tried to catch their eye. It wasn't until the "RHOC" star attempted to return to her seat and bumped into David's mistress that the confrontation ensued. Sources say Shannon told her she had "'a lot of nerve being here,'" at which time she is said to have been cursed at by McMackin. David's alleged mistress then reportedly called Shannon "sick" and "crazy."

"Nicole is the woman who had an affair with my husband!" Shannon reportedly yelled to the entire section of bleachers.

Shannon and David have spoken openly about the affair throughout much of Season 10 and in post-season interviews. During a recent appearance on Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live" David admitted, for the first time, that his relationship with his mistress went beyond the physical. He told host Andy Cohen he believed he was in love with the other woman. Andy, 47, then asked whether he would have come clean about the affair had he not gotten caught, to which he claimed he would have. Shannon agreed, telling the "WWHL" host that David was "ready to leave" her. She then revealed that it was not until she placed a phone call to his mistress that the affair ended for good. She told Andy she plead with the woman to give her back her husband and her children their father. The woman claimed she had no issue ending the relationship, but said that David was "obsessed" with her.

David's affair was revealed during Season 10, episode 1 of "RHOC." Shannon and David attended a couples retreat together in the hopes of being able to move forward in their relationship. Despite taking on some pretty heavy topics the couple continued to bicker upon returning home. Later in the season Shannon shared with viewers that the affair spanned nearly eight months and was with someone who attempted to get close to her