A former bus driver for the Sarasota school district is facing a backlash from her community after she was captured on video calling a neighbor and her kids the n-word in a hateful rant.

Mya Ronk recorded her neighbor Pamela Michener as she yelled obscenities and racial slurs across the fence of her home, reports Sarasota's WWSB. 

"Let me tell you something, you fat fu---ing ni---r: Maybe if you disciplined your fu---ng ni---r, stinky-ass black children, I wouldn't have to put my two cents in," Michener can be heard shouting on the video.

You can watch the video here. [WARNING, the video contains explicit language.]

Ronk and her neighbors told WWSB that the recorded rant wasn’t the first time Michener had been heard saying vile statements about her neighbors. Ronk then decided to turn to social media to inform her community about the type of people that are around their kids.

"I posted the video and I wanted everyone to see this is who is working with our kids,” Ronk said. Everyone was outraged."

Ronk posted the video to Facebook and YouTube last week, where it soon went viral among the the area's residents. Several people voiced their disappointment in Michener’s actions and worry about her working with students in the district. Michener was a driver for the Sarasota school district for ten years. But she retired from her position in May.

When asked about the video by a WWSB reporter, Michener insisted that she is not a racist and that she felt in danger – even though the video shows that she was the only person to offer any violent threats during the incident.

“First of all, I’m not a racist … it’s just the opposite,” Michener said. She then added “Thank you for your time” as she slammed the front door. Through the home’s closed door, the continued questioning Michener, asking her about her using of the N-word.

“My life is threatened, OK? I have people attacking me all the time. What do you expect?” said Michener.

Ronk says she is glad the video is out and just wants people to know “who our kids are around.”

“We don’t want our kids feeling unsafe, like my sister afterwards, she didn't even want to leave my mother in the house by herself,” she added. 

Ronk's recording is similar to that of the racist rant Narvell Benning of Buffalo, New York, recorded in May as he was being verbally attacked by Janelle Ambrosia in a Dollar General parking lot. 

In the video, which he posted on YouTube, Ambrosia tells Benning he “scared” her kids when he started his vehicle. She calls him the n-word several times during her attack, with Benning remaining calm and speaking in an even tone during the over-four-minute clip.

She even warns Benning she is calling her husband, who she says “doesn’t like black people." Benning eventually rolls up his window when she threatens to throw coffee at him. He ends the video by saying, "racism, alive and well. Amazing."