Kurt Busch testified on Tuesday that his ex-girlfriend, Patricia Driscoll, was a trained assassin when the couple dated. The NASCAR driver made the claims during a hearing, as Driscoll looks to get a no-contact order against Busch, whom she claims has been violent with her in the past.

Busch alleged that Driscoll went on missions all over the world, killing people for a living, and even showing him pictures of dead bodies as proof. One night, he claims, he found his ex-girlfriend covered in blood, after she had left wearing camouflage gear.

The driver acknowledged to the court that his story sounded far-fetched, but he stood by his assertions.

"Everybody on the outside can tell me I'm crazy, but I lived on the inside and saw it firsthand," Kurt Busch told his attorney, Rusty Hardin, via the Associated Press, when asked about Driscoll being an assassin.

The couple’s former personal assistant, Michael Doncheff, also said that Driscoll had told him what appeared to be an outlandish story. Doncheff claims Driscoll shared a story about capturing immigrants at the Mexican border, in which she was slammed to the ground by a man.

According to the AP, Driscoll and her lawyer didn’t dispute the claims in court. However, she denied Busch’s assertion that she is a trained killer, in an interview with the AP.

"These statements made about being a trained assassin, hired killer, are ludicrous and without basis and are an attempt to destroy my credibility," Driscoll said. "Not even Rusty Hardin believes this."

"I find it interesting that some of the outlandish claims come straight from a fictional movie script I've been working on for eight years."

Driscoll filed a domestic assault claim in November, asserting that Busch slammed her head against the wall inside his motorhome in September. Busch told police that he told Driscoll to leave, and grabbed her face with his hands, as her head “tapped” the wall. The alleged incident occurred at Dover International Speedway when Driscoll came to Busch’s motorhome, unannounced. 

Driscoll has led the Armed Forces Foundation, a veteran’s advocacy group that is based in Washington D.C., since 2003. She also heads Frontline Defense Systems.