Rachael Farrokh made headlines after a video she created went viral. Weighing just 40 pounds, the emaciated former actress is currently battling for her life.

The 37-year-old created a YouTube video in which she discusses her lengthy battle with anorexia. Farrokh shows viewers the severity of her condition, revealing that it has left her with little to no fat on her body. She is constantly struggling to catch her breath and unable to move around. In the video, she details her journey to get better, pleading with viewers to visit her GoFundMe page, on which she is aiming to raise $100,000 to seek treatment. At present, she has exceeded her goal by more than $25,000.

So who exactly is Rachael Farrokh and what is her story? Check out 11 facts about her:

1. According to The Independent, Farrokh grew up in San Clemente, California.

2. Farrokh's 41-year-old husband, Rod Edmondson, says his wife “was valedictorian, graduated summa cum laude.” He added that she always strived for perfection.

3. Prior to having an eating disorder, Farrokh worked as a personal trainer. Her husband says she grew up “a very active individual.” She's been battling anorexia nervosa for a decade.

4. Rachael Farrokh also had a career as a senior account executive. She did not reveal which company she worked for or how long she was with them before losing this job.

5. The West Coast native told ABC her eating disorder “spiraled out of control” after she was forced out of a job. At the time, she was also struggling to cope with painful memories from long ago of being bullied for her appearance. Farrokh went from weighing 125 pounds, to a much lower weight. She now weighs around 40 pounds.

6. According to Farrokh, her anorexia started out “innocent.” She said she simply wanted to “drop a few pounds” in the hopes of having “better abs.” Unfortunately she could not stop herself.

7. Her husband, who was once also a personal trainer, was forced to quit his job to take care of his sickly wife day and night. Because of her extremely thin frame, Farrokh can no longer walk without assistance. She is often so weak her husband has to carry her from place to place.

8. Farrokh has suffered multiple complications as a result of her condition. She told ABC she has had both a heart attack and liver failure because of the severity of her anorexia. She has also had to undergo multiple blood transfusions and suffers from loss of mental ability.

“At such a low body weight, my brain is a little slower than I would like,” she said.

9. Rachael’s anorexia cannot be cured by simply taking in more calories. According to a passage written by Edmondson on Rachel’s GoFundMe page, simply beginning to eat normally again would only harm his wife further.

“If she receives too many calories, her metabolism will kick up and she will lose even more weight. This is a VERY delicate medical situation.”

10. Most hospitals consider Rachael to be a liability and therefore will not admit her. Rachael’s husband says most facilities across the country consider her condition to be too far gone and refuse to help her. There is, however, one hospital that can help, though neither he nor his wife have specified which facility that is.

11. Farrokh hopes speaking out will help other people battling eating disorders to recover. She told ABC she “wants other anorexics to hear” her story adding that life for her “is miserable.” She said she’s simply taking life “moment by moment, day by day.” She added that others battling this disease or any other similar food issues “have to get out there. You have to go out and meet life. Go to treatment because it’s not going to come to you.”