A newspaper spread full of saucy photos has proved quite the unexpected controversy for one Balkan politician.

Vanja Hadzovic, a 27-year-old adviser in Serbia’s Foreign Ministry, made an appearance in several racy photos published in the Blic newspaper this week, reports the New York Daily News. The images show Hadzovic in an array of sexy poses and revealing outfits, images that have now led to some backlash from members of the political and military elite in Serbia. And the Daily News reports that Foreign Minister Ivan Mrkic said Hadzovic could face a government investigation as a result of the pictures.

Speaking to the Daily News, Hadzovic explained that the photos were taken from a social media account and that she is contemplating stepping down from her position to avoid any more drama associated with the photos. “I think I'm going to quit, because the situation is unbearable for everyone. I still do not know how to react. I'm still in shock,” she told the Daily News.