On the eighth week of season 12 of Dancing with the Stars rapper and movie star Romeo, known for his role in Karate Kid was voted off.

Romeo, had danced a tango with his partner Chelsie Hightower on Monday. The elimination came as a shock to many who considered Romeo as frontrunner.

Host Tom Bergeron couldn't even believe Romeo's elimination. The couple denied their shot in the semifinals is... he said before announcing the results.

The judges cited Romeo and Chelie for having several missteps during their tango performance. Even so, they did receive some praise.

Last week, I said you had to up your game, and that's what you've done, said judge Len Goodman.

I'm surprised because I did my best dances, but at the same time I'm not surprised. This show has changed my life forever. I didn't dance at my own prom, Romeo said after the elimination. I've turned down a lot of movies because I was afraid to dance.

Hightower told Romeo she was very happy and proud of him.

Despite his elimination, Romeo and Chelsea were not the couple with the lowest score. Ralph Macchio, who was suffering an injury, earned a total of 46 points out of 60.

 With the circumstances, you did very well to cope with it, let alone doing it, judge Bruno Tonioli said.