The Republican debate last night was a contentious and lively affair that may very well sway the minds of many of South Carolina's still-undecided Republican voters. So who won?

Frontrunner Mitt Romney, his usual composed self, deflected attacks from rivals on everything from Social Security to his income-tax returns. While he did not stumble, he did not really have too many passionate, rousing moments, either.

Perry and Santorum stuck to their respective conservative positions, routinely attacking Romney and portraying themselves as the conservative anti-Romney in the Republican state of South Carolina.

(Photo below from Reuters)

Newt Gingrich, likely the best speaker (no pun intended) last night, drew laughter and thunderous applause from the crowed on everything from attacking President Obama's policy to deal with unemployment and defending his plan to pay children to work as janitors in their schools.

Ron Paul stuck to his message of non-interventionism, sound money and defending civil liberties (i.e. anti-NDAA's indefinite detention provision).

Unlike other candidates, Paul largely stayed away from rehearsed, crowd-pleasing lines tailored to please a conservative audience. To supporters, he sounded authentic. To detractors, he sounded awkward and disconnected.

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