Not all secrets are easily kept in Hollywood -- especially when that secret happens to be a love child.

Dwayne Wade most recently commanded headlines for his secret child born just last month, adding him to the list of high profile men whose flings led to unplanned bundles of joy. From Gavin Rossdale to Chuck Norris, several celebrities have hidden, denied or not been aware of the paternity of children they fathered. Read through the Maury approved list below for 14 stars with love children. 

These fellas ARE the father!

1. Eddie Murphy

RTR39YW9 Eddie Murphy looked pretty shady when he first denied his daughter with Mel B was his. Photo: Reuters

In an unnecessary display of dramatics, Eddie Murphy initially denied being the father of his daughter with Spice Girl Mel B. But after a paternity test, he had to accept the truth that the little girl -- born in April 2007 -- was indeed his child.

2. Ludacris

RTX9IVZ Ludacris' secret daughter was born just last year. Photo: Reuters

The rapper, whose legal name is Christopher Bridges, recently admitted to fathering a secret child while on a break from his girlfriend of several years, Eudoxie. According to TMZ, sources have said Eudoxie is sticking by Ludacris and also admits the pair were on a break when the child was conceived. Luda is now facing an impending custody the baby's mother, Tamika Fuller.

3. Bow Wow

RTR2HAS8 Bow Wow said he held off on telling fans about his daughter because he was worried about how they would view him. Photo: Reuters

Rapper Bow Wow kept his daughter Shai Moss a secret until he posted an entry on is website about her birth during the summer of 2011. Before revealing the news, he had previously denied reports of fathering the child with video model Joie Chavis.

4. Arnold Schwarzenegge

RTR3CGR3 The Governator saw his marriage crumble after it was revealed he had a love child with a housekeeper. Photo: Reuters

In one of the most unexpected love child announcements to hit Hollywood, Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed that he fathered with housekeeper Mildred Baena while still being married to Maria Shriver. The scandal led to Shriver filing for divorce from The Governator in July 2011, though it has yet to be finalized. 

5. Dwayne Wade

RTR2WNB3 Dwayne Wade recently admitted to having a secret child Photo: Reuters

The most recent, high-profile love child to date came in the form of baller Dwayne Wade's baby with Aja Metoyer. The news came on the heels of his joyous announcement that he was engaged to longtime girlfriend Gabrielle Union. He claims that the child was conceived while he was on a break from Union, reports Hollywood Life. But Metoyer says they were also intimate when the pair was together.

6. Chuck Norris

RTR2DVYP Chuck Norris wasn't aware of his secret child until years after her birth. Photo: Reuters

In his book "Against All Odds: My Story," Norris revealed that he became a father after cheating on his first wife in 1962. He didn't become aware of his daughter's existence until the girl named Dina wrote to him in 1991, claiming to be his daughter, reports Contact Music.

7. Gavin Rossdale

RTXUWI0 Gavin Rossdale lived as his secret daughter's godfather before she took a DNA, reportedly against his expressed wishes to the girl's mother Pearl Lowe. Photo: Reuters

Rocker Gavin Rossdale had initially been the godfather to Pearl Lowe's daughter Daisy Lowe. But a 2004 paternity test proved that Rossdale was actually the child's father, the result of the pair's five-year relationship during the 1980s.

8. Steve Tyler

RTR38AS1 Steve Tyler and his love child Liv Tyler have quite the resemblance. Photo: Reuters

The Aerosmith singer's daughter Liv Tyler was born following his brief romance with fashion model Bebe Buell. He didn't learn of the child until years after her birth, reports The Daily Mail.

9. John Edwards

RTR32UBL John Edwards political career imploded after he was caught in a cheating scandal that ultimately resulted in him admitting he fathered a daughter with Rielle Hunter. Photo: Reuters

Former senator John Edwards maxed out on the life drama in 2008 when he finally admitted to having an extramarital affair with campaign aide and videographer Rielle Hunter in August 2008. Then in 2010 he revealed that he was also the father of a child with Hunter, permanently reducing his already tarnished political career to nothingness. Later the same month, he separated from his wife Elizabeth Edwards.

10. Jesse Jackson

RTR3ECQ1 Political leader Jesse Jackson revealed he cheated on his wife with a staffer. Photo: Reuters

Jesse Jackson revealed in 2001 that he had cheated on his wife of 38 years and had fathered a daughter with Rainbow/PUSH Coalition staffer Karin Stanford.

11. Matthew Knowles

RTRC78N Matthew Knowles stepped fathered a child outside of his marriage to Tina Knowles with a woman he was managing at the time. Photo: Reuters

Beyoncé's father Matthew Knowles had an extramarital affair with "Scrubs" actress Alexsandra Wright after close to 30 years of marriage with his wife Tina Knowles. The little boy was born in 2010, a year before Beyoncé parted ways with Matthew as her manager.

12. Ray Charles

RTRJ8IP Ray Charles had numerous children with several different women, making for quite the muddled family tree. Photo: Reuters

Ever the player, singer Ray Charles fathered a total of 12 children with nine women. Not all is known about each of the kids or there whereabouts. But in 2004, Charles did give each one $500,000 under the rule that they would not look to get any further inheritance from his estate. Following his 2006 death, his estate ended up having to sue seven of the kids for violating the deal, reports the LA Times.

13. Strom Thurmond

RTREWNO Strom Thurmond's secret daughter was quite the shock to those who followed his political career. Photo: Reuters

The Republican senator who actively opposed the integration of black and whites in America actually fathered a daughter with a black woman. Essie Mae Washington-Williams held off until Thurmond's death in 2003 to reveal her father. Thurmond had an affair with a 16-year-old maid at his family home when he was 22. And his family has verified that Washington-Williams is his daughter, reports The Daily Mail.

14. Eric Clapton

RTXHWOX Eric Clapton fathered a secret daughter in 1985 while still married to Pattie Boyd. Photo: Reuters

In 1985, Eric Clapton fathered a child with Yvonne Kelly he was still married to musician to Pattie Boyd. Their daughter Ruth was kept a secret by her parents until 1991.

15. Tom Jones

RTR2MWUG Tom Jones fathered a son with model Katherine Berkery in 1987. Photo: Reuters

Tom Jones' short romance with with model Katherine Berkery in 1987 resulted in the birth of his son Jonathan Jones Berkery. But it wasn't until 2008 that Jones admitted that Jonathan was his child, reports the New York Daily News.