Bret Michaels was shocked when he was the first to be kicked off "All-Star Celebrity Apprentice,” and according to reports, he has been struggling with the rejection.

RadarOnline reported that the Poison frontman and former winner of the reality show had a “meltdown” after he was given the boot from Donald Trump’s hit.

“Bret was crying and totally distraught after he was fired," a show insider supposedly told the gossip website. "He couldn’t believe it that he was let go so quickly. It was brutal to watch him freaking out the way he did.”

Michaels had won the first time he was on "Apprentice," but failed to make it past the first round when he went on the "All-Star" edition. He went on CBS' "The Talk" Monday to talk about his fall from grace.

“I got hired big on the show, and I’ve been fired big,” Michaels said, also adding it was "horrible" to be ousted since he barely got a chance to prove himself on the newest installment.  His initial reaction was disbelief. "I thought they were punking me," he said.

On Sunday’s season premiere, Trump told the hair metal singer that he couldn’t believe Michaels was expecting to get to the next round just because he had won a previous season.  

"You’re asking me to pick you as a winner again, which I thought was crazy," Trump explained to the singer before getting rid of him.

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