Courteney Cox has opened up about her divorce from ex-husband David Arquette for the first time.

In an appearance on “Running Wild with Bear Grylls,” the actress got candid about her personal life and shared a few details about why she and Arquette chose to end their marriage, according to People. Cox said that while they tried to make the relationship work, they were ultimately very different from each other. The actress admitted that having someone who was your polar opposite as a partner was difficult.

Cox also said that while they had a good run, the relationship just naturally ended. The actress added she and Arquette did not have a dramatic breakup, the relationship just ran its course. After several years, they found out that they started to become more like friends than lovers. To this day, the two have a good relationship and they work on co-parenting their 12-year-old daughter, Coco.

The two have also worked together on a project. Cox directed her ex-husband in “Just Before I Go.” Speaking of the experience of working with Arquette, Cox told Us Weekly: “I love David's performance in the movie. It's so nice to direct someone you know so well because you know their go-tos and you know what they fall back on...I really liked working with him. David was really open – all the actors were – they really put a lot of trust in me, which was great.”

Cox is now engaged to Snow Patrol member Johnny McCaid. The two first got engaged in 2015. They split and called off the engagement. They got back together March 2016. Cox said the relationship between them now is quite different from the first time they got together and that they have worked on the problems they had as individuals during their time apart, so “everything's new.”

Meanwhile, Arquette is now married to Christina McLarty, according to E! News.