Darth Vader’s wife got punched in the head amid accusations of infidelity, the Huffington Post reports.

The Englishman who assaulted Vader’s wife clearly didn’t know the power of the dark side -- or the police.

Ikbal Hare, 35, was arrested in Walsall for assault on Sept. 20.

He assumed that Vader – who was born Mark Nokes but changed his name to Darth Vader years ago -- was “canoodling” with his girlfriend, according to the Birmingham Mail.

Don’t worry, "Star Wars" fans, you didn’t miss anything in one of the several movies. This punching action occurred off-screen.

When Hare ultimately confronted Vader, he swung at him but unfortunately missed and instead hit Mrs. Vader in the cheek.

Prosecutors told the Express and Star that Hare fled the scene and escaped after clunking Mrs. Vader in the head instead of the alleged philanderer.

He was chased by several people (including a dark lord of the Sith).

Officers eventually caught up with the assailant two days later at his girlfriend’s house.

Hare pleaded guilty to the charges on Tuesday and now has to face 18 months of probation, in addition to an anger management course.

Darth Vader, on the other hand, was not subjected to any anger management courses.

Though Darth Vader’s wife will reportedly survive the violent encounter without any permanent damage, Lord Vader, on the other hand, may want to brush up on his force powers.