“X" marks the spot for Justin Bieber.

The “Baby” singer flashed another tattoo on Monday, and even though he's only 18 years old, this is reportedly his twelfth piece of ink.

The Daily Mail reported that Biebs' new body art is large cross or "X" on his left forearm. The British news site added that though some might find the new tat grave, it’s actually the Greek letter “Chi” -- which means Christ. 

His “Chi” tattoo joins other religious body art pieces for Bieber, including a pair of praying hands on his left calf and an image of Jesus on his right. 

The “X” tattoo is placed next to an owl that Bieber had done last year, according to the Daily Mail. The Canadian singer showed off his bird ink on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” at Christmastime.

The Biebs can’t seem to stay out of the tabloids ever since his apparent split from pop princess Selena Gomez. He was recently linked to aspiring teen singer Ella-Paige Roberts-Clark, even though she denies the claim.

Bieber's new tattoo gave photographers another reason to follow him around.

Some of his other tattoos include the word “Believe,” on his forearm, the Japanese kanji symbol for music on his right arm and a crown on his right collarbone.

And Bieber's not done. The Inquistr quoting him as saying:

“I definitely see myself getting more in the future, slowly but surely. I’m not going to go too crazy right away and get something on my neck or anything like that.”

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