To the shock of many, Zac Efron went to rehab five months ago while addicted to cocaine, TMZ wrote on Tuesday. E! News first broke the story, but it said he was struggling with alcohol. 

Not many details involving his supposed cocaine abuse are known. But when TMZ contacted the Hollywood hunk’s rep for a statement, she reportedly said, “Don't think we'll be making a comment." Looks like straight-forward answers from his camp won’t be revealed anytime soon.

Efron's appreciation for the white stuff supposedly spiraled out of control while in the midst of filming the Seth Rogen movie “Neighbors.” The star apparently didn’t show up to a number shoots. "It was common knowledge he was struggling with cocaine,” an insider told TMZ.

TMZ wrote that the “Parkland” star and some of his friends reportedly went on a coke bender at SkyLofts at the MGM Grand in Vegas, TMZ wrote, and caused $50K in damage. It wasn’t clear who footed the bill.

Three other sources told the celebrity news site that even though Efront mainly struggled with cocaine, he also occasionally experimented with Molly, which is said to be a pure form of Ecstasy.

On the red carpet for the Toronto International Film Festival, Efron said he was doing well. A source told E! News that after he got out of rehab, Efron was in a good place, but unlike TMZ, the news site inferred that he was struggling with alcohol. The E! News source said, “He's healthy, happy and not drinking.”

Efron has three different projects that will be heating up theaters in the near future. “Parkland” is scheduled to land Oct. 4, “Are We Officially Dating?” is supposed to premiere Jan. 31, 2014, and “Neighbors” will reportedly come out May 9, 2014.