Some Hollywood couples support each other’s careers by watching their latest projects together, but that’s not the case for Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger. Jackson revealed that he refuses to watch “The Affair” with his longtime girlfriend. In fact, he doesn’t think couples should ever watch the Showtime drama together.

“I don’t know why any couple would watch the show together because at some point in every episode there is going to be something that has come up in a fight between the two of you,” he told People. “And you’re going to get the side eye and then it’s like disaster.”

Kruger explained that the decision not to watch the show together was made by the “Dawson’s Creek” alum. “He would rather not, [with] all the sex scenes. I think it brings up uncomfortable conversations,” she told Net-A-Porter in March.

“The Affair” follows Noah (Dominic West) and Alison (Ruth Wilson), who are both married to other people. The two start a romantic relationship, regardless of the fact that they might destroy their families. Jackson plays Cole, Alison’s husband.

The actor previously hinted that he didn’t tune into the Showtime drama with his girlfriend. “It’s a hard show to watch sometimes,” Jackson told Entertainment Tonight in November when asked about tuning in with Kruger. “It just brings up difficult topics between couples and people, so yeah it’s a tough one.”

While the show brings up tough conversations, the 37-year-old added that the problem is never jealousy. Kruger, 39, has her own acting career and understands that sex scenes are just part of their careers. “The show might be steamy, but it’s so tremendously dysfunctional that I don’t think she feels threatened by anything that’s happening on camera,” Jackson explained. “Thank god she's an actress as well so she understands.” 

“The Affair” Season 3 premieres on Showtime later this year.