Psychologist using evolutionary psychology theories have tackled questions like why all suicide bombers are Muslims and why men fall for blondes.

The only interesting answers are those which destroy the questions, according to Susan Sontag and an LSE psychologist.

In his book titled Ten politically Incorrect Truths about Human Nature psychologist Satoshi Kanawaza makes some audacious statements like liberals score in intelligence over conservatives.

Daily Mail reported that Kanawaza evaluated the 10-volume encyclopedia on World Cultures which describes 1,500 world cultures known to anthropology to reach these conclusions.

Women's beauty curve on an upward rise:

According to Kanawaza women continue to become more beautiful as beautiful women bear more children compared to their average looking counterparts and a large proportion of the children born are girls, thus the equation that a beautiful mother will give birth to a beautiful daughter. The compounded results reveal a continual increment in beauty as a trend. Men however continue to be aesthetically challenged.

Men desire blondes:

Kanawaza explains this male phenomenon as blonde hair makes grey hair less visible compared to dark hair thus making them look younger and men are drawn to younger healthier women for progeneration purposes. Big breasts and higher hip-to-waist ratio indicates fertility. Blue eyes reflect dilation of pupils - which happens when a person like something - thus men are able to read their approval easily.

Some other claims include, all suicide bombers are Muslims due to lack of sex which is an outcome of polygamy which results in skewed mathematics as some men fail to find partners as the other as squared more, resulting in competition which further stokes aggressive behavior. Thus such men are more inclined to adopt risky behavior as there isn't much to lose. Thus the thought that 70 virgins await martyr is quite appealing to such men.

The argument that liberals are more intelligent than conservatives is based on the assumption liberalism was not present in earlier traditional civilization. A fact that was proved by studying hunter-gatherer tribes who do not have a concept of sharing resources with strangers. Thus more intelligent beings are more adept at meeting strangers or adept at espousing new behavior. Thus evolutionally speaking liberals are better evolved beings.

Kanawaza's chutzpah continues as he states that prospects of divorce are reduced by having sons. Midlife crisis is a myth and male politicians risk everything to have an affair because their underlying motivation to access more power is to gain more mates.