“Wilfred” came to an end Wednesday, Aug. 13, on FXX. The last two episodes of the dark comedy, “Resistance” and “Happiness,” aired back-to-back to conclude the fourth and final season of the series. FXX promised that the truth about Wilfred would be revealed in the finale and “Wilfred” did not disappoint. 

In the first of the two episodes, “Resistance,” fans finally learned the much anticipated truth about who or what Wilfred was. It turns out (after an elaborate move of misdirection where Ryan is convinced that Wilfred is a God worshipped by a cult Ryan’s father used to belong to) that Wilfred was not even real (not totally shocking) and was instead a figment of Ryan’s (Elijah Wood) imagination superimposed over a plain, ordinary dog. After the reveal, Wilfred departs and Ryan is left to face his life on his own.

In the final episode, “Happiness,” Ryan finds himself right where he began the series, contemplating suicide. Again, it is Wilfred who snaps Ryan out of it, but this time it is Ryan who makes the decision, choosing not to move forward in his relationship with Jenna and opting to accept Wilfred’s role in his life as an imaginary friend. With this resolution Wilfred is “revived” and the two friends continue their relationship, with Ryan hopefully just a little more in control of his life.

“Wilfred” premiered in 2011 on FX (it moved to FXX for the final season). The show was based on the Australian show of the same name with Jason Gann reprising his role of the title character in the U.S. version. Over its four seasons, “Wilfred” developed a passionate cult fan base. The first three seasons of the show are available on Netflix.

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