the back-to-back "Wilfred" series finale airs Wednesday night at 10 p.m. EDT on FXX FXX

Wilfred will not eat carrots. It is fitting that the sneak peek teaser video for the last episodes of “Wilfred,” the oddball, dark, buddy comedy that ends Wednesday night on FXX, centers on the gripping cliffhanger of Wilfred refusing to eat carrots. No cheesy sentiment here, folks. “Wilfred” premiered in 2011 on FX and will conclude with the final two back to back episodes of Season 4 tonight on FXX (the show switched networks for the final season).

Last week, Ryan and Jenna finally got together and it seems that Wilfred has finally succeeded in guiding Ryan to some happiness. However, things are not perfect yet and according to the synopsis for the final two episodes, titled “Resistance” and “Happiness,” Ryan starts to lose hope while confronting some difficult challenges.

Then, in the final episode, fans will finally learn the truth about Wilfred. And, speaking of Ryan’s canine friend, Wilfred is still dying. The video teaser for the new episodes shows Ryan trying to feed some healthier food to Wilfred in an attempt to help him get better, only for Wilfred to rebuff the idea at the thought of eating carrots.

Will Wilfred die? Fans of the show, which has developed a strong cult following over its four seasons, will find out tonight. The final back to back episodes of “Wilfred” premiere tonight at 10 p.m. EDT on FXX.

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