“The Exorcist” TV series has been on the air for barely two months, but there are already rumors claiming that it will be axed soon.

In September, the series premiere raked in 2.9 million viewers, but the numbers decreased a week later. On Friday, Nov. 4, the sixth episode of “The Exorcist” will air on FOX, but approximately two million or less are tuned in to the series.

Meanwhile, “Chapter Six: Star of the Morning” will see Father Thomas (Alfonso Herrera) being unexpectedly thrust into the spotlight after becoming actively involved in Casey’s (Hannah Kasulka) story. The teaser for episode 6 opened with a clip from an old interview being shown in the Rance household. The matriarch, Angela (Geena Davis), has grown concerned over the alleged kidnapping of her daughter, Casey. “Our life, our family, is not a lie… It’s real,” she tells her husband, Henry (Alan Ruck). The next scene shows Henry and Katherine (Brianne Howey) passing out flyers with information about Casey and who to contact if she’s found.

Meanwhile, Angela can’t help but blame Father Thomas, even though she was the one who tapped the latter to check up on her family. While talking to him and Father Marcus (Ben Daniels), Angela learns that there’s a possibility that her daughter could die.

The neighbors of the Rances have also grown concerned over the kidnapping and the deaths of the some of the residents. The leader of the investigation holds a meeting to inform the people that the investigation of Casey’s kidnapping is still ongoing. However, the Rance family’s neighbors questionthe police officials regarding the reason why they are only investigating Casey’s disappearance and not the deaths of nine other people. The teaser for episode 6 ends with Angela learning whether or not her daughter is also one of those who are killed.

“The Exorcist’s” sixth episode will air on FOX on Nov. 4 at 9 p.m. ET.