“Catfish” is a MTV series about people who have fallen in love online.

Its creator Nev, whose real name is Yaniv Schulman, explains that he fell in love with someone he thought was named Megan, but eventually found out the girl he had grown to love was actually a strange woman named Angela.

Their first meeting was documented by one of Schulman’s friends, “Max,” and turned into a movie that became a small sensation; many people had bizarre love stories to share with Nev.

As a result, he and his filmmaker buddies decided to make a show with the help of the MTV crew.

He says on the intro to every show:

“Catfish the movie was my story. Catfish the TV show is yours.”

On Monday night’s episode of “Catfish” Kim hopes she will be introduced to the love of her life, “Matt,” whom she has been "dating" sight unseen for the past 10 years.

She’s been talking to him since she was 15 years old when they met in an AOL chat room. Kim believes Matt is her soulmate. She thought she was going to marry him when she was younger.

Kim explains to Schulman that “Matt” refuses to see her and the only pictures that she’s ever seen of him were on Facebook.

The Michigander said she loves talking to him on the phone, the sound of his voice and even his dumb jokes.

Even though she begs him to meet, he won’t even Skype with her even though he once posted a Facebook status saying he wanted to Skype with someone. When Kim excitedly responded, he refused.

Schulman travels to Michigan to meet Kim and jokes that the weather forecast shows mystery and drama in their near future.

To Schulman’s surprise, he finds out that Kim actually has a boyfriend that isn’t Matt—and it’s serious with the other guy.

Kim explains that she wants to meet Matt so she can decide if she really wants to be with him for the rest of her life.

Tune in to “Catfish” on Monday night at 11/10c to find out if Matt is really who he says he is.