There is no shortage of drama when it comes to celebrity hair stylist Kim Kimble, especially during Season 3 of "L.A. Hair."

On the show's latest episode, which premiered Thursday, temporary receptionist Malacha Upshaw was fired after she got into fights in front of customers with other stylists and refused to listen to management when they told her to do tasks -- like take out the garbage.

Kim had finally had enough when she got into an altercation with a customer. She accused him of doing drugs and then tossed his credit card in the garbage when he tried to pay.

When the celebrity stylist confronted Malacha, the receptionist tried to pretend she didn’t know what Kim was talking about, even though she had bickered with the customer on the salon floor in front of everyone. But owner of the “Kimble Hair Studio” had enough, and even though Malacha is China’s sister, Kim fired her. 

To everyone’s surprise -- even store manager Leah Kimble -- Kim had already gotten another receptionist lined up. The bubbly newbie Dia quickly walks around the salon to introduce herself to everyone, which worries Leah because she had asked the new receptionist to wait at the front desk.

Nail technician Naja Rickette relays good news after she found out that she was approved by the Guinness World Records to compete for the most manicures done in eight hours. Everyone in the salon cheers Naja on, except for barber Lisa B. The two didn’t get along when Lisa first entered the salon, and Lisa clearly isn’t ready to let things go with the manicurist.

Leah tries to urge Lisa to support Naja, to be a team player, but after Lisa finishes her last customer, she exits the salon.

Naja goes on to blow away the former record-holder. The previous record was 50 nails in eight hours, but the manicurist broke it with 69 manicures in eight hours. The episode ends with a preview for the next show, where Naja and Lisa look as if they're about to have a fistfight. The camera pans away, and doesn’t show if they do get into a physical alteration, but instead the shocked faces of the people in the salon can be seen.

To find out what happens next, tune into “L.A. Hair” on WE TV every Thursday at 9/8c.

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