Educators love the idea of online courses, but traditional colleges and in-person training programs see it as a threat to their billion-dollar enterprises, says a new report.

A new report - The 2011 Future of Online Education - from says distance education removes the traditional in-person barriers of learning, therefore allowing millions of young and old to teach or learn what means the most to them, all within the confines of their living room or favorite coffee shop.

Business and government entities are using online education to get out information fast and effectively, says John Evans, LE Tech Consulting LLC. The future of online education is promising for those who want to reach a large number of people in a shorter period of time.

Over a few weeks in early 2011, conducted a survey of educators and related education experts to collect their views and opinions of the future of online education.

Here’s what the report quoted some of the experts about online schools.

Julie Braun from says, Every subject can be covered online, which potentially makes going to a physical college or university obsolete. Colleges and universities need to wake up to creating amazing experiences that can't be created online. Unique learning and think tanks, hands on experience, etc.

Larry Lawton from says, “Online education will fade to a degree because interaction with people is the most important part of education. As a man who sees thousands of parents with children who are addicted to the computer they are getting more and more frustrated with online issues.”

Jason Press from StudyPoint, Inc. says There's no substitute for a fantastic teacher sitting down face-to-face across the table from a student offering personalized attention to help make the light bulb turn on in a particular subject. Online education creates supplementary tools to help further facilitate that experience.

Online education need not be seen as a replacement for the traditional learning environment rather it should be seen as a set of tools that will allow students to excel and for tutors to maximize their effectiveness, says Press.

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