The WrestleMania 28 match between The Rock and John Cena may have been the biggest in WWE history.

The bout featured two of the biggest superstars in the history of the company. It was the main event of the most widely seen WWE PPV of all time, as the event garnered 1.217 million buys.

While the match was billed as “once in a lifetime,” there’s a good chance the two superstars will face off in the near future.

The 2013 Royal Rumble has led many wrestling fans to believe that The Rock and John Cena will have a rematch in the main event of WrestleMania 29. Cena is guaranteed to be in the main event of the PPV in April, after winning the 30-man Royal Rumble match on Sunday. The Rock will likely be there, as well, after defeating CM Punk for the WWE championship to close out the PPV.

Do the results of the Royal Rumble mean The Rock vs. John Cena Part 2 is set in stone?

The match hasn’t officially been set, but it’s a near certainty that the two superstars will close out the show at MetLife Stadium. Even if The Rock loses the belt before WrestleMania XXIX, which is very unlikely, he would still compete for it in April. With just one PPV remaining before the biggest one of them all, The Rock would invoke his rematch clause that every WWE champion is given.

There have been rumors for months that the WWE has been planning a rematch between The Rock and Cena. In 2012, the match helped the company set a record, in terms of the PPV numbers. Why wouldn’t Vince McMahon want to have a repeat in 2013?

Last year, two wrestled with nothing on the line. Involving the WWE championship would put a new twist on the match that took place last April.

Even though The Rock and Cena will fight again, there’s a chance the WWE could avoid a traditional rematch.

At the Royal Rumble, CM Punk lost the WWE championship, after holding the belt for 434 days. There’s a chance he could be inserted into the match, making it a triple-threat.

Punk title reign was one of the most impressive in the history of the WWE. He was the champion for all of 2012, defeating the likes of Cena, Chris Jericho, Kane, Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler in 12 PPV victories. He will likely get a chance to wrestle The Rock again at February’s Elimination Chamber, but WWE officials could decide to give him a shot at winning the belt at WrestleMania.

Triple-threat matches are rarely in the main event of the year’s biggest PPV, but it has happened before. Chris Benoit defeated Triple H and Shawn Michaels for the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 20, in one of the more memorable matches of the past decade.

If Punk is not inserted in the match between The Rock and John Cena, he may face The Undertaker at WrestleMania 29. Punk has become the biggest villain the WWE has seen in years, and could pose a threat to The Undertaker’s undefeated streak.

A lot still has to be determined before the arrival of WrestleMania 29 on Apr.7.  The impending return of Brock Lesnar and the upcoming Elimination Chamber PPV could have a big effect on the current WWE landscape.

However, it appears The Rock and Cena are destined to fight on the biggest stage the WWE has to offer for a second year in a row.