Ruby Rose became an overnight sensation when she debuted as Stella Carlin in Season 3 of “Orange Is the New Black,” so some fans were understandably upset when Rose didn’t appear in the Season 4 trailer Tuesday. Her character left with an uncertain fate at the end of last season after she betrayed Taylor Schilling’s character Piper Chapman and got sent to maximum security in the season finale.

Here’s what happened at the end of Season 3: Stella helped Piper start her illegal panty business and also doubled as Piper’s love interest. The two quickly become close — but not for long. Stella tattoos Piper with the phrase "trust no b----” just as she’s about to get out of prison. Not long after, Piper discovers all the money she made from her business is missing. It turns out it was Stella who stole from her because she was scared about being released. To get her back, Piper plants contraband in Stella’s bunk, and her days of worrying about dismissal are quickly over.


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Rose wasn’t sure ​whether or not she will appear in Season 4 of the hit show. “I don’t actually know," she said. "With [producer Jenji Kohan], literally anything could happen. But I think they’ve already started shooting in New York, and I’m obviously not in those episodes,” she told Variety in July “I think if Stella were to come back, it would be a pretty hefty storyline. She wouldn’t just be coming back happy about the situation.”

Rose, 30, didn’t agree with Piper’s revenge. “That’s a tough one. I obviously don’t think she deserved quite that fate. Stella had done her time and was ready to get out,” the Australian said. “It wasn’t the wisest thing for her to steal from Piper, but having said that, Stella comes from nothing. She has no money, no help on the outside, and I think this is what happens when you’ve done time in prison and you’re about to go into the real world. It’s not easy.”



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Season 4 of “OITNB” premieres on Netflix Friday, June 17.

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