Tampa Bay Rays second baseman Will Rhymes was hit in the arm with a pitch and subsequently collapsed before he had to be carted off the field.

Rhymes was struck on his right forearm by a 95-mile-per-hour Franklin Morales fastball in the seventh inning. He fell in the batter's box clutching his arm but he appeared to be all right.

As he walked down to first base, the Sox changed pitchers. When Rhymes got to first base he began to gesture to the Rays dugout, and even took a few steps towards it before he bent over at the waist and collapsed in the arms of first base coach George Hendrick.

Rhymes was down for several minutes, but appeared to regain consciousness shortly after hitting the ground. After the game he said he was dizzy and nauseous after he walked to first base.

The Rays said that the infielder is OK and that it is likely he passed out from the adrenaline rush after the pain of being hit by the pitch subsided.

He did not go to the hospital, and X-rays performed on his forearm at the stadium showed a bruise but no break. It is possible that Rhymes will miss some time as a precaution, but he should be ready to play again soon.

See below for the video of the scary scene.