Another “Sharknado” premiered last night, but unlike last summer, another sequel isn’t guaranteed. “Sharknado: The 4th Awakens” could be the last film in the Syfy franchise…unless fans want more. At San Diego Comic-Con, the team behind the science fiction films said that sequels are dependent on the audience sticking around.

When a fan asked if he should buy the “Sharknado” DVDs individually or wait for a box set, director Anthony Ferrante said he’d prefer fans put down money for the films sooner rather than later. “We need your money to keep making these movies, so I think you should keep buying them as they come out. Otherwise, there might not be another one!” Ferrante said.

It seems like the “Sharknado” team is confident that a fifth movie will be ordered. After all, the fourth installment ended with a cliffhanger. After April (Tara Reid) saved Fin (Ian Ziering) by turning two baby sharks into a defibrillator, the Eiffel Tower flies into Niagra Falls. “I don’t think this is over yet,” April says.

Fin looks closer and sees a woman standing on the Paris landmark. “Nova?” he asks. Nova (Cassie Scerbo) was living in Paris during the majority of the movie, but it seems a Sharknado may have brought her back to Fin.

“Sharknado” screenwriter Thunder Levin obviously has ideas for a fifth movie, and he revealed that he actually has an arc planned for three more films. “Who knows if there will even be any more Sharknado movies? I guess it depends on the ratings,” Levin explained to ScreenRant. “I have actually developed a story arc for Sharknado five through seven – for the next three movies – and I’ve submitted that to The Asylum and we’ll see if they want to run with it or not and we’ll see if Syfy wants to do anymore of these. If they do, I’m ready to go and there’s no telling what you might see.”

Star Ian Ziering seems pretty confident about Syfy renewing the star-studded series, though. He tweeted that he is already waiting to return to set.

Syfy hasn’t officially confirmed “Sharknado 5” yet, and it isn’t clear when they’ll make an announcement regarding the series’ future.